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Distinguished leaders, guests and friends.

Respect to a prairie village father:

Everybody is good!

Today is another big project, both group both TongZi LED electronic industrial park of guizhou based red-letter day, first of all, on behalf of all colleagues of the both group to TongZi the county party committee county government leaders express my heartfelt thanks! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders of the county. Thank you for all levels of government leadership attaches great importance to this project, thank you for your leadership and fellows in the support of the project, thank you for using magic advancing speed, realize the project quickly take root!

I was born in the countryside, from the rural areas, with the seedling planting good season, I am very excited mood, came to guizhou TongZi fire this cornucopia place and we both group is going to be in the shock of the Chinese and foreign magic seed, a kind of can let three hundred acres of land to achieve three billion annual income of the magic seeds, LED electronic circuit parts project sow, marks the guizhou will become one of the world's largest LED electronic components manufacturing base, also marks the guizhou is about to become the world's largest aluminum plate currently manufacturing base, also marks the guizhou large-scale electronic components base foundation.

Both people has created a miracle after another in guangdong, in huizhou in less than five years of efforts, the rapid development from scratch to today, has become a LED electronic parts of the world's most famous enterprise, is the world's largest LED soft board companies, more than fifty percent global market share, both production output in China is the largest soft PCB enterprises, is China's PCB industry with independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, the most is vertically integrated circuit board industry one of the largest enterprise group investment!

Both business philosophy is: keep up with the fastest growing, cake sunrise industry, is also the biggest LED to drive both the rapid development of sunrise industry rapid development, in the future of trillions of LED huge even grab a piece of cake is both a large, can make both tens of billions of large enterprise groups!

Today, the group attaches great importance to the integration of capital and resources. I hereby declare that the national exhibition has become the most well-known enterprise in China's IT entrepreneur team, which is the investment fund from the well-known entrepreneur has been invested in the national exhibition group! Yesterday, I just took the investment funds of a well-known Chinese entrepreneur, took my project, and grafted to the most famous copper in China, the tongling. Today I took the famous entrepreneur's investment capital, with my good projects grafting to guizhou, China's most famous aluminum industrial base, capital, resources, and its purpose is to achieve the high quality project, once again, for both more rapid development to create the biggest miracle! Once again create more brilliant achievements! I believe that the national exhibition group will become the largest LED accessory enterprise in the world in 3-5 years and become the largest aluminum base circuit board and flexible circuit board enterprise in the world. At the same time, this treasure land under our feet today will become the world's largest production base of LED aluminum parts within five years.

The meaning of the national exhibition is the development of the country! Enterprise development! National development! This is both the concept and the enterprise culture core, also is our team's values, because this kind of ideas and values, prompted us to invest in western country, guizhou investment to the less developed. We are not very noble, but we have an ideal, a sense of responsibility and a mission. The development of our country and the concept of national development is to make China's regions more balanced, narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, and narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. I believe that our project in tongzi, guizhou, will not only drive the economic development of one side, but also realize the dream of the local people to get rich, and narrow the gap with the developed coastal areas. And I am confident that we can have the effect of the topic, promoting and encouraging more coastal enterprises to invest in guizhou, let the whole of guizhou province rapidly to shorten the gap and the coastal developed province, it is for both of us national development, national wealth dream!!!!!

Finally, once again, thank you for your leadership, your good friends, and your fellow citizens. I wish you all good health and a happy family.

Thank you!