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[Company News]A warm celebration of Wang Dingfeng's interview on the Chinese children[2018-01-09 ]
Environmental pioneer -- an interview with international group chairman and CEO Wang Dingfeng - gaotu teacher venture his life as Obama in the third grade primary school composition when he wrote "I want to be the president's" legendary inspirational story, as Bill Gates had left school a magical story of Microsoft...... But why today's Wang Dingfeng can realize the full cleaning of the PCB...
[Company News][exclusive]: International Electronic Information Network PCB Wang Dingfeng[2018-01-09 ]
The 5th anniversary Huizhou International Exhibition of electronic and patented products industrialization and FPC division was established [PCB] celebration information network was invited to an exclusive interview with the general manager Mr. Wang Dingfeng exhibition. Here on behalf of my [PCB] information network to express my hearty congratulations on your! Thank you for inviting us (PCB information network) to make an exclusive interview on the celebration of your company.
[Company News]The success of new technology research and development in national science and technology[2018-01-09 ]
The national key project of science and technology, a double-sided circuit board without the need of new technology on electroplating and chemical plating can be realized on both sides before conducting successfully developed, which marks the China circuit board development and production technology in the world leading level. Project developed by Huizhou State Electronics Co. Ltd. began to develop this project since 2007, through a large number of research funding, and the north...
[Company News]Guizhou - Tongzi LED Electronic Industrial Park Foundation Chairman Wang Dingfeng[2018-01-09 ]
Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, dear friends of the prairie town folks: hello! Today is a big exhibition group exhibition in Guizhou Tongzi LED project -- the foundation of electronic industrial park the wedding day, I represent the state of all my colleagues in the group to express my heartfelt thanks to the Tongzi county government leaders! Express our sincere thanks to the leaders of various departments of the county. Thank you...
[Company News]Huizhou Guozhan Electronics Co. Ltd. is committed to the LED core components supporting production[2018-01-09 ]
Huizhou Guozhan Electronics Co. Ltd. is committed to the core components of LED products; LED design, manufacturing LED circuit board, LED aluminum fittings, LED optical materials, LED SMT foundry, LED package of large LED lighting supporting enterprise group, LED industry market influence...